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Designboom visits a Tokyo park where MUJI, the wonderful minimalist Japanese brand with the mantra ” Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people” has built two tiny homes. MUJI writes that ” We have been credited with being “resource-saving”, “low-priced”, “simple”, “anonymous” and “nature-oriented”- They don’t quote a price for these in Designboom, or even say if they are actually for sale, but they are certainly interesting.

Fukasawa Hut© Designboom

Product designer Naoto Fukasawa‘s wooden hut design is ‘not quite a holiday house, yet not as simple as going camping.’ the scheme is simple and refined, the compact and pitched structure boasts a dark timber cladding with a corrugated roof.

Lots more images on Designboom.

grcic house© Designboom

Well-known designer Konstantin Grcic designed what is really more of a garden shed than a tiny house, supposedly small enough that it doesn’t require planning permission, although most bylaws in North America do have height limits on sheds and accessory buildings. It’s built out of industrial sandwich panels like they use in refrigerated trucks, and even has the commercial tie-down rails that you find in trucks.

‘The hut is just a space — it doesn’t have to be a fully functioning place for living,’ explains Konstantin Grcic. ‘There doesn’t have to be water or electricity. It is just a space for doing something. For example, if you are a painter you may use it as a studio.’

Lots more images in Designboom

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