MWC top 10 insights: Galaxy S6, 5G push and the next Heartbleed

Mobile World Congress this year was full of news and insights into the future of mobility.

Announcements included biometric smart-locks, new smartphones from the likes of Samsung and LG, wearables and even an odd sprinkling of virtual reality.

In fact, MWC 2015 has been so full of news that many people have been left confused about the key takeaways from the conference.

We’ve created a definitive top 10 guide detailing the biggest news and trends to emerge from the trade show to help clear up the confusion.

10. Biometrics in smartphones is here to stay 

Fingerprints and circuit board
Biometric security has been a growing trend in smartphones since Apple unveiled its first Touch ID-enabled smartphone, the iPhone 5S.

The use of biometric locks makes a lot of sense as it makes it quicker and easier to secure a handset without having to remember complex passwords or gesture lock codes. It’s a process that many business users, including Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, feel is too time consuming.

Aware of this, Fujitsu has taken the idea of biometrics on smartphones even further by unveiling a prototype iris scanner lock at MWC.

The technology lets users register their iris ring pattern, which is unique to each human, and use it to unlock devices or access sensitive work systems from a smartphone or tablet simply by looking at it.

Testing the tech on a demo unit at Fujitsu’s stand we were impressed at how well it performed and can’t wait to see it appear on a future smartphone. Fujitsu hopes this will happen in the next year or two.

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