Mystery Twitter Clues Lead To Hidden Cash

A mysterious person using the Twitter handle @HiddenCash has been posting clues that lead followers to envelopes of cash around San Francisco.

The anonymous individual began sending people on scavenger hunts on Friday, and the Twitter feed has exploded, gaining more than 85,000 followers as of Tuesday afternoon.

Hidden Cash’s creator says his giveaways are a “social experiment for good”.

The envelopes have been taped to various locations around the city, including parking metres.

Lucky followers who are first to figure out the clues have walked away with $100 or more.

Matthew Burkettwas one such winner.

“YESSSSSS had to race another searcher but I WON,” he wrote on Twitter.

Another winner, 27-year-old web producer Adam Wenger, said he collected $200 after finding two envelopes on Friday in San Francisco’s South of Market District.

He said he bought pizza for his co-workers on Tuesday and will pay a $100 parking ticket.

The ‘HiddenCash’ creator claims to make his money from real estate deals and hopes that winners also pay it forward.

The mystery money man says “@HiddenCash has no political, religious, or business agenda.

“@HiddenCash is about love, kindness, and generosity.”

The Twitter feed says that cash drops will soon take place in other cities in California, including Los Angeles and San Jose.

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