Nando’s manager spends £2,000 a year on underpants

Nando's manager spends £2,000 a year on bizarre underpants habit
Curt with some of his pants that broke the bank (Picture: Medavia)

It’s true – us boys are partial to a pair of designer panties.

But this guy’s bizarre range of expensive boxers is something else.

Curt Almond, 26, of Bristol, claims at one point he was spending £2,000 a year on underpants – that’s nearly £5.50 every day.

The Nando’s manager said: ‘When I first started wearing new boxers every day, I loved it. I treated myself to really nice Calvin Klein ones. It always felt great to slip into a crisp pair.

‘It got to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable unless I was wearing a new pair.’

But the mounting bills caught up with Curt and finally forced him to face the reality of his expensive habit.

Curt modelling a pair of pants. Restaurant manager Curt Almond, 26, of Bristol, cracked a bizarre addiction to fresh underpants when he realised his £2,000-a-year habit was driving him into debt. He spent at least £40 a week on fresh boxers so that he could wear a brand new pair every single day. But mounting household bills finally persuaded him that it was acceptable to wash underwear and save some cash in the process.
He said the habit unfolded after the breakdown of a relationship (Picture: Medavia)

He continued: ‘Eventually my money started to run out and I had to buy budget ones instead. Finally, when a bill came in, I looked at finances and realised that I was spending all my savings on underpants, so I managed to wean myself off the compulsion.’

Curt said his attachment to new pants began following the breakdown of a relationship.

It was only once Curt had binned his boxer addiction that he felt comfortable chatting about it with his friends.

The manager says he has finally waved goodbye to his obsession with new underwear – but still occasionally treats himself to a nice fresh pair.

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