Netflix’s Daredevil cast expands with addition of Scott Glenn (Wired UK)


Respected actor turns ninja master in Netflix’s
Daredevil series

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Marvel Studios has announced the latest actor — and character
— to join its upcoming live action Daredevil series. Scott Glenn, best
known for his role as FBI Agent Jack Crawford in The Silence of
the Lambs
, will join the Netflix original superhero series as
Stick, the
title character’s mentor and leader of a team of ninja.

The casting and role points to the show being heavily based on
the Frank
 era of the source comic, which saw the formerly
upbeat(ish) character revamped into a sort of urban ninja, better
suited for the grimmer, more mature storytelling that mainstream
comics were venturing into in the early 1980s.

Glenn joins British actor Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll as
love interest Karen Page (who comic readers know may face an
unpleasant fate), Elden Henson as
Foggy Nelson, Murdock’s best friend and partner in their legal
practise, and Vincent
as Wilson Fisk, New York City’s criminal Kingpin.
Rosario Dawson is
also set to appear, albeit in an as-yet-unspecified role. With
Stick’s appearance pointing towards all things ninja, could she be
the assassin Elektra?


Mentor to
the superheroes. Bit grumpy, mind.

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Like Daredevil, Stick is blind and possesses a radar power and
enhanced senses. He was introduced by Miller during his landmark
run on the title character’s monthly series, first appearing in
1981’s Daredevil #176. As part of Daredevil’s revised
origin, Stick was retroactively introduced as having helped the
young Matt Murdock deal with his blindness, and how to apply his
low-level super-powers to improve upon his condition. Stick also
leads The
, a caste of martial artists dedicated to the opposition
of The
— a cult of demonic shinobi.

Of course, none of that backstory may make it into the Netflix
series, which shares its continuity with the wider Marvel Cinematic
Universe. Viewers have already seen some large departures from the
printed canon, such as the Asgardians in Thor being
advanced aliens rather than mythological gods. With
Daredevil having a much lower budget than the cinematic
outings — Marvel is reportedly spending $200m (£123.4m) in total
for all five of its Netflix shows, which also includes Luke
, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and The
— there may not be a whole lot to go around on
demon warriors who turn to dust when defeated.

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