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This rugged electric bike conversion kit, which is robust enough for offroad cycling, offers a unique feature that uses your heart rate to control the amount of assistance coming from the motor.

There are a variety of brands and models of electric bikes on the market these days, but if you love the bike you already own, then buying a whole separate bike just to get electric pedal-assist is a bit of overkill. A better solution might be to get an electric bike conversion kit, which can allow you to keep your favorite bike while also taking advantage of the benefits of an ebike.

We’ve covered a few different ebike conversion kits in the past, but there’s a recent addition to the electric bike conversion market that may be worth a closer look, especially if you’re a mountain biker or want a burst of speed during your “offroad” biking.

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The Falco Fusion Sports Drive kit consists of a five phase electric hub motor that can replace any bike wheel (from a recumbent to a mountain bike), powered by a 50V 400Wh Li-Ion battery pack, and comes with an accompanying app. While drop-in wheels with in-hub motors aren’t new in and of themselves, this electric bike conversion kit is claimed to be robust enough for offroad use, and it features another function that appears to be a novel addition to the ebike revolution.

By coupling the ebike system with the app and a heart rate monitor (via ANT+ or Bluetooth LE), riders can effectively use their electric bike as part of their training regimen. Setting the target heart rate for a training session allows the electric assist to add just the right amount of power to the bike, depending on the rider’s actual heart rate, so that riders can hit and maintain it throughout their ride.

The app also features data reporting for details about the current state of the battery, what the rate of power consumption is per mile (Wh/mile), and what the remaining range of the battery is at the current rate of consumption.

“The Fusion Sports Drive is disc brake and cassette ready. The Drive can be used with single speed to 10-speed cassettes. The tiny command console allows for power on demand, pedal-assist and regenerative braking. The 50V rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery can deliver upto 100 mile range with its 420Wh capacity.”

The Fusion Sports Drive also features on-demand regenerative braking, five levels of power assist, a USB port for smartphone charging, an offroad mode (up to 28 mph), and is said to offer “Zero Resistance Pedaling” when pedaled without using electric assist.

Falco currently designs and builds electric bike systems, including wireless ANT+ eBike consoles and 5-phase electric bike hub motors, but for the launch of the Fusion Sports Drive, it has turned to crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign that seeks to raise money to scale up production and further develop their technology. Backers of the campaign at the $695 level will receive a complete 250W road legal ebike system (limited to 20 mph).

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