New Scientific Study Reveals Something Shocking About Organic Foods

According to a review of 343 scientific studies, eating organic will help you prevent cancer before it starts.

Staff | Live Free, Live Natural

A recent article published by Live Free, Live Natural settled the debate about whether organic foods are healthier than “conventional” foods. The article summarized research conducted by European and American scientists who reviewed 343 scientific studies on organic foods. The results found that organic foods do in fact contain a greater nutritional value as well as much lower levels of pesticide residue. Perhaps the most intriguing finding was that organic foods contain significantly greater levels of antioxidants. Image credit: Andy Roberts

Antioxidants are nutrients found in food that have tremendous health benefits. These benefits include slowing down the aging process, boosting the immune system, and preventing diseases such as cancer. Antioxidant levels are measured in ORAC levels. Organic foods such as Acai berries, pecans, cranberries, pistachios, and garlic contain some of the highest known ORAC levels.

With the insanely inflated costs of healthcare nowadays; nobody can afford to become unhealthy. Healthcare prices can be decreased by simply increasing the health of the general population. Maintaining sufficient health starts with everyday maintenance through foods we consume. In essence food is medicine, and organic foods are the most potent. Watch the video below to learn more about antioxidants.

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