New Segway turns into robot companion when not in use (Wired UK)


If your dedication to travelling everywhere by the much maligned Segway is losing you friends, worry no more — the company are making robot pals to keep you company. 

That’s right — you can ride a Segway AND have yourself a robot butler at the same time. Truly what dreams are made of.


The Ninebot takes the regular base of a Segway — a two-wheeled balancing scooter — but has the ability to turn into a robot butler when you’re not riding it. The robot, which has been developed by Intel, is self-balancing, has a screen for a head and responds to people, objects and voices. It can sense surroundings, recognise voices and can also perform a variety of other tasks. 

With the help of a development package, you can programme the robot to follow you around, take and send video and images, as well as carrying bags — all accompanied by an admittedly adorable glowing face. 

Developer packs will be available in the latter part of 2016, with a consumer version scheduled for a later release date. 

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