New Thierry Noir Mural In Peckham Is Homage To Poussin

New Thierry Noir Mural In Peckham Is Homage To Poussin

Peckham has a new street art mural.

The striking red-and-blue artwork by French artist Theirry Noir sits at the top end of a small square in the Bellenden Road area of Peckham.

Here’s a shot of the previously blank wall at the top of William Grigg’s Garden from StreetView.

Today, the completed artwork shows two figures, one playing a what looks like a trumpet. There are musical notes, hearts and flowers below.  

The artist has signed the piece on the bottom right; to the left is the inscription Homage To Nicholas Poussin.

The piece is rather obscured by a tree in the garden; the viewer has to walk around a bit to get the full picture.

After a little digging, we’ve think we’ve found his inspiration: The Triumph of David one of Poussin’s first great masterpieces, is on display at the nearby Dulwich Picture Gallery.

This isn’t the first piece of south east London street art made in homage to older works on display at Dulwich Picture Gallery. There are several works around Peckham, Dulwich and Herne Hill that take their inspiration from the gallery.

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