New Zealand man falls down cliff after chasing goat

Man lucky to be alive after falling off cliff chasing goat
Innocent game of chase, or did the goat (not pictured) have more sinister motives? (Picture: File)

This is the curious case of a man who fell off a cliff while chasing a goat.

The unidentified 26-year-old said he wanted to catch the goat because his stepdaughter’s birthday was coming up.

But he plummeted 40 metres from the cliff in Tangoio, New Zealand, and had to be airlifted to hospital.

He told The New Zealand Herald paramedics said he should have either been dead or paralysed. Instead he escaped with just a few cracked ribs – although he didn’t manage to catch the goat.

The man explained: ‘I looked out the window and saw goats on our land. I thought I’d catch my stepdaughter a goat because it’s her birthday soon.’

‘I forgot there was a drop. I slid straight off.

‘I just kept going. I landed on a boulder on my side, which cartwheeled me over and I smashed my face on the next boulder.’

Asked if he’d consider going after the goat again, he added: ‘No, I’m not after a goat. We’ll just be going to McDonald’s now.’

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