Nigel Farage is ‘not a racist’ says Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband says Farage is 'not a racist'
Nigel Farage ‘is not a racist’ says Ed Miliband (Picture: PA)

Ed Miliband has branded Nigel Farage’s recent controversial comments ‘insulting and offensive’ but insists he is ‘not a racist’.

The Ukip leader experienced a huge backlash when he revealed he was uncomfortable with people speaking a foreign languages on public transport, comments he defended during an interview with LBC radio station.

Speaking to Sky News, his political rival Mr Miliband said: ‘His remarks that he made were deeply offensive. They were insulting and offensive remarks and he shouldn’t have made those remarks.

‘They were a racial slur but I don’t particularly think of Nigel Farage as racist himself.’

Asked if he thinks Mr Farage is a racist, he replied: ‘Personally I don’t think so.’

The Labour leader was speaking ahead of Thursday’s European election vote.

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