Nikki Elise: Dota 2 gamer Sajeden robbed during Twitch live-stream in Tempe, Arizona

A webcam captured the terrifying moment a well-known US gamer was robbed in her own home by armed invaders who knocked down her front door.

The robbery was inadvertently live-streamed to other gamers around the world who alerted police in Tempe, Arizona, to the crime taking place.

Nikki Elise, who goes by ‘Sajeden’ on the game streaming channel Twitch, was playing Defence of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) in the early hours of Monday morning when two armed men broke in.

A gamer in Europe, who witnessed the alleged robbery, then contacted a friend of Sajeden who called 911.

‘At that point, gamers from around the world were watching the home invasion occur while trying to contact the corresponding law enforcement agency,’ Lt. Michael Pooley told KTVK.

Gamer robbed at gunpoint on webcam stream
Dota 2 gamer Sajeden was robbed during a webcam stream (Picture: YouTube)

A clip uploaded to YouTube shows Sajeden leave her computer desk to investigate a noise in another room.

Moments later, a man can be heard shouting: ‘On the ground now! On the ground!’

A rapid response police team was sent to her home who arrested one person. Another male suspect is still on the loose.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Sajeden said her house was ‘not the originally intended target’.

‘It was a very scary situation to be in – especially knowing we were not the originally intended target,’ she wrote.

‘And [to think] how much worse it could have been if it were not for our friends from around the world who acted quickly to get the police involved.’

Ms Elise’s Twitch channel has since been closed down. A message on her page reads: ‘The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.’

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