No phones for you: Phones 4u renege on iPhone 6 refunds

iPhone 6 preorders will not be refunded by Phones4u

iPhone 6 preorders will not be honoured by Phones 4u as PwC proceeds with the company’s administration. Customers are being advised to obtain refunds from their credit card companies.

Phones4u had previously declared that it would refund any iPhone 6 preorders. But a blanket email to its customers said upfront payments for the new smartphones would not be refunded by the company.

Now, a section on the PwC website referring to the Phones 4u administration further explained the situation: “Unfortunately we do not have any iPhone 6s, therefore customers who have pre-ordered an iPhone 6 through Phones 4u will not receive their purchase.”

“Customers who have paid using credit cards should contact their credit card company to try and seek resolution to this matter,” stated PwC.

As such customers are left to pursue refunds themselves rather than rely on Phones4u to return the money they paid to secure one of Apple’s latest smartphones.

People who cannot pursue refunds via their credit card providers will need to submit a refund claim to PwC. However, the company’s claim page indicated that pursuing such refunds may not be worth the hassle for some customers.

“Please note, given the level of secured liabilities, if there is a dividend to unsecured creditors, any payment, if made at all, would not be for many months and is likely to be negligible,” noted PwC.

The administration of Phones 4u will also mean that customers will not receive cashback or any free gifts promised to them when they purchased a phone from the retailer.

PwC also revealed that Phones4u will no longer be able to provide repair services or pay for repairs for its customers, leaving them to pursue manufacturer warranties directly or pay for phone repairs themselves.

V3 contacted PwC for more information, but the company has yet to respond.

The closure of Phones4u will also cost much of the company’s workforce their jobs, despite moves by Vodafone and EE to save some staff by purchasing 198 stores.

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