Nokia Lumia 930 launches 17 July with £33 per month price tag

Nokia Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft’s latest flagship smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 930, will arrive in the UK on 17 July, costing £33 per month.

Microsoft revealed the release date at an event attended by V3 on Monday. There is currently no word on the Lumia 930’s SIM-free price and a Microsoft spokesman at the event declined V3‘s request for comment saying, “SIM-free pricing will be determined by partners.”

The news ends weeks of speculation about when the Lumia 930 will arrive in the UK. The Lumia 930 was unveiled alongside the Luma 630 in April and is the first flagship, top-end smartphone in the world to be released running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

Microsoft lists the use of the new Windows Phone version as a key selling point for business buyers, claiming it is the first “enterprise-ready” version of the OS. Windows Phone 8.1 first arrived in the UK running on the budget Lumia 630 and adds a wealth of enterprise-focused services including mobile device-management support.

The Lumia 930 also features top-end hardware and comes loaded with an advanced Clearblack 5in Full HD, 1920×1080, 441ppi organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and Pureview 20MP rear camera.

All versions of the Lumia 930 will be bundled with a free wireless Fatboy charger. As an added incentive, those who purchase a Lumia 930 within the first two weeks of launch will also receive a complimentary launch pack worth £130.

The pack will include a portable, as well as desktop, wireless charger, a wireless speaker and a £20 voucher that can be spent at the Windows Store.

Check back with V3 later this month for a full review of the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 930.

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