Nokia Lumia 930 price, release date and specs

With the release of Nokia’s latest Lumia 930 flagship creeping ever closer, fresh details have emerged about the top-end Windows Phone handset’s price and contract deals.

Following on from the firm’s stellar Lumia 925 flagship, as well as featuring a number of top-end technologies and software features, the Lumia 930 will also be one of the last ever Windows Phones to come with Nokia’s branding. Microsoft confirmed that all future smartphones from the company formerly known as Nokia will carry its new Microsoft Mobile brand, earlier in April.

Here to help answer any questions buyers may have about the Lumia 930, we’ve put together a definitive guide that we’ll be constantly updating as fresh details about the Windows Phone appear. Make sure to bookmark this page to stay on top of all the latest information.

Release date
Nokia declined V3’s request for an exact release data for the Lumia 930. However, according to Nokia’s Facebook page, the handset is due to hit stores in Ireland on 3 July and will be available on the Vodafone and O2 networks. We expect the Lumia 930 to launch on other UK networks soon after.

The Lumia 930 is yet to get an official price from Nokia, though many stores and online retailers have begun taking pre-orders and listing prices.

Unlocked Mobiles was the first to give the Nokia Lumia 930 a firm price and is currently taking pre-orders for the phone at £479.

Nokia Lumia 930 2

At the bottom end Top End Electronics offers the cheapest deal and has given the Lumia 930 a £414 price tag.

Other stores have also begun letting customers register interest in the Lumia 930 but have not priced the handset.

Phones 4u is already letting customers express interest in the Lumia 930 by registering their details on its website. Those that register will get an early heads up when Phones 4u begins taking pre-orders for the Lumia 930 in late June.

Carphone Warehouse has also launched a Lumia 930 registrations page and has pledged to start shipping the handset at an unspecified point in July.

UK online retailer Clove has also confirmed it will sell the Lumia 930 SIM-free, though is yet to disclose the handset’s upfront cost, or offer any shipment and delivery dates.

The Nokia 930 is designed to follow the legacy set by company’s Lumia 925 smartphone, not its previous Lumia 1020 handset.

This means the Lumia 930 has a very different design to traditional Lumias, featuring metal sides and a clipped in backplate, as opposed to the single piece polycarbonate chassis seen on other top end Nokia Windows Phones, like the Lumia 1020.Nokia Lumia 930 hands on back

It also means the Lumia 930 doesn’t feature the top end 41MP Pureview rear camera sensor debuted on the Lumia 1020. Instead the Nokia Lumia 930 features a 20MP rear camera, complete with Carl Zeiss optics, optical image stabilisation and LED flash and a basic 1.2MP front camera.

In terms of dimensions, the Lumia 930 is set to be fairly large, measuring in at 137x71x9.8mm and weighing 167g.

Past this the Nokia Lumia 930 comes loaded with some pretty impressive hardware. The Lumia 930 features a 5in screen which boasts a Full HD 1080×1920 resolution and Nokia’s custom Clearblack technology. It will also run using a quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip and feature 2GB of RAM. The specifications mean the Lumia 930 should be one of the fastest Windows Phones ever released.

The Lumia 930 will also feature a sizable 2,420mAh battery, that Nokia claims will offer up to 15.5 hours of talk time and a standby time of up to 18 days. Nokia’s also reintroduced wireless charging support to the Lumia 930, meaning, with the addition of the free wireless charger, it should be quick and easy to top up the handset’s battery throughout the day.Nokia Lumia 930 hands on in hand

Other specifications include Bluetooth 4.0, 32GB of internal storage – without a microSD card slot – and support for 4G LTE connectivity.

Outside of its hardware, the Lumia 930 is also set to include some cutting edge software and will be powered by Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system.

The use of Windows 8.1 means the Lumia 930 will offer a variety of new services to its users, including Microsoft’s Siri rival Cortana; a pull-down notifications menu called Action Center; support for on-screen capacitive keys; custom Live Tile backgrounds; a swype-esque keyboard feature called Work Flow; and WiFi sense.

Check back soon for V3‘s full Nokia Lumia 930 review.

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