Nokia Lumia 930: Top 10 features to tempt buyers over iPhone, Android

Thanks to stellar efforts by Nokia the release of each new Lumia smartphone has seen an increase in Windows Phone’s overall share of the smartphone market. In fact, according to most analysts’ estimates, Nokia’s efforts mean one out of every 10 smartphones shipped is now a Windows Phone.

As a result Nokia caused quite a storm when it unveiled its latest flagship, the Lumia 930, in April. Featuring a host of top end internal components and coming preloaded with Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system the Lumia 930 had the potential to be the finest Windows Phone ever released.

Handsets launch this month and we found the Lumia 930 was worth the wait as it is one of the finest smartphones currently available. However, coming loaded with more innovative features than can easily be counted some buyers have justifiably missed some of the Lumia 930’s more subtle, but equally great, charms. Here to help we’ve collated the definitive list detailing the Lumia 930’s best features. 

10. Free stuff bundled

free-advertisingWe all like getting free stuff and the Nokia Lumia 930 has plenty of that. For the first two weeks of availability, between 17 July and 31 July,  those buying the Lumia 930 will get a bunch of free stuff.

The offers include a wireless charger, an MD-12 speaker, and a £20 voucher for apps from the Windows Store. All in all, this gear is said to be worth around £130.

Of course this is nothing more than sheer bribary but for many this often works, especially that wireless charger, which is one of unique aspects of the Lumia range that rivals such as the iPhone and Android devices cannot match.

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