Nokia’s “Comes with Music” DRM cracked

nokia-comes-with-drm.jpgRejoice, those of you with a “Comes with Music” subscription. You’ll now be able to strip the DRM off the tracks that, remember, you’ve paid for – and use them whenever and wherever you like. In all honesty, I’m surprised it took this long.

The software you’ll need is Tunebite. It costs £17.50 (or free, see below), and works by playing back the song at a very high speed, and then copying the data that comes out onto an MP3 file. It’s a bit like holding up a tape recorder next to your speakers, but retaining all the quality of the original file.

It’ll run at up to 54x speed, meaning that a 4 minute song will take less than five seconds to encode. Of course, running it through a collection of thousands of songs will take a little longer, and you can bet that Nokia will now be keeping an eye out for people

The funniest thing of all? You don’t need to pay for Tunebite either. Go download it on Bittorrent here. Tunebite is making money from assisting piracy, so why shouldn’t you pirate their work, too?

Do me a favour, though – if you find a band that you love through this, then go see them on tour, or buy a tshirt, or something. Those are things that’ll genuinely benefit the band, and reward them directly for their work without your money going through umpteen other companies, each taking a share.

Get Tunebite (via Electric Pig)

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