Norma Clarke can’t cancel her Sky subscription as she sounds like a man

It’s Norma. No, not Norman. Norma!

Many of us will have had difficulty cancelling a service at some point. From phone lines to gym memberships, it’s incredible how companies can sign you up in 15 minutes yet make you jump through hoops when you want to leave.

But few of us will have faced these problems for the same reason as Norma Clarke of Eccles in Manchester.

Because 56-year-old Norma can’t cancel her Sky subscription, because she sounds like a man.

Yes, you read that right.

She told The Express: ‘I wasn’t able to cancel my Sky package because the person at the other end of the line didn’t believe I was a woman.’

Bet you can't guess why this woman can't cancel her Sky subscription
She’s all woman (Picture: The Sun)

You see, Norma suffers from abnormally enlarged vocal chords, which cause her to have an unusually deep voice for a woman.

And  this isn’t the only problem Norma has come up against because of her voice. She told The Express: ‘I’ve been the butt of jokes for years. Even my daughters take the mickey out of me’.

Despite going to several doctors, Mrs Clarke has been told there’s no cure for her condition.

Still, on the plus side, the mother-of-four assured The Express her manly voice has never affected her success with the opposite sex. In fact she told them that suitors always liked the fact she was ‘a little bit different.’

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