embraces hybrid cloud with Rackspace

Cloud computing

Online retailer is taking a hybrid approach to the cloud by opting for new private services from Rackspace, in a bid to meet its need for both security and scale.

The firm, which last year generated sales of £83m, has gone live on the Rackspace Private Cloud tool to run its applications, complementing its existing use of the firm’s Public Cloud service for its website hosting.

IT director for the company, Yoann Martin, said the move to a hybrid set-up brought many benefits to the firm. 

“With this we can run applications on the private cloud, via dedicated third-party servers for our mission-critical services, while we can burst and manage traffic spikes that require an increased amount of resources in the public cloud,” he said.

“The great thing about [this] is that you can burst the less sensitive services into public cloud whereas you may want to keep customer services back for a bit more peace of mind.”

Martin also explained that for the development side of the business using the cloud in general also suited its IT needs.

“From an app standpoint, developers have no need to worry about where the application is running. Our whole DevOp infrastructure is in pretty much continuous deployment and [the cloud] enables us to get quick feedback, test features and the whole time to market is accelerated,” he said.

The use of hybrid cloud is often touted by major IT vendors such as HP and Microsoft as the future of computing for enterprises, as it enables them to balance their needs between security, scalability, flexibility and cost-savings.

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