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Durdle Door, Dorset (Photo – Andrew Whyte/Caters News)

Can it really be true?

Of course it involves splurging loads of our cash but, still, he’s going to do that anyway – so he might as well spend it on a good cause.

And there can be few greater causes than Britain’s coast path. Clegg has pledged that a 3,000-mile coast path will be built around England’s perimeter by 2020 – to match Wales’s 870-mile coast path, completed in 2012.

Our coastline has been part-wrecked by caravan parks and insensitive house-building. But great stretches of it are in immaculate nick – unchanged by man, if you look out to sea over the rocks, cliffs and beaches, rather than inland, in thousands of years.

So many English natural beauties derive their subtle effect from a quiet drama. Compare Cheddar Gorge to the Grand Canyon; or the Lake District to the Himalayas. Less dramatic certainly; but also benefiting from a restrained, understated, aesthetic effect.

Our coastline is different – as dramatic as any in the world. From the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, to the limestone cliffs of Pembrokeshire to the 1,001 bays of Argyll – which has more coastline than France – it is the most varied coast, for such a relatively small country, on earth. What a thrill to be able to walk even more of it.


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