On demand movie service Wuaki adds Chromecast support : Tech Digest

Wuaki.tv, the on-demand film service has announced that it has officially added support for Google’s Chromecast to its app.


Wuaki (we’ve no idea how to pronounce it either) has been going for some time now and previously has only supported Smart TVs and Xbox 360 for streaming on the big screen. Unlike Netflix, the service charges per film or TV show, rather than do the “all you can eat” thing. To promote the Chromecast support, the company is offering £20 off of buying a Chromecast device to anyone who buys a full HBO series (like Game of Thrones) on the service for around £30.

This will come as a welcome addition for Chromecast users given the device’s still limited selection of supported services. Aside from Netflix, Wuaki is the first service third party service to stream films – providing some welcome competition for Google’s own Play Movies service.

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28 May 2014 | 10:08 am – Source: techdigest.tv

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