Oscar Niemeyer’s Bienal Pavilion, which hosts the SP-Arte art fair, has more than a quarter million square feet of space, which meant that the booths of most of the 141 exhibitors at the fair, which ended Sunday, felt remarkably spacious. Those booths filled the first two floors of the building, with the gargantuan top level given over to a new section for the 11-year-old fair called Open Space, which was devoted to large-scale and site-specific works. It was organized by Jacopo Crivelli Victonti, the curator of the 2014 edition of Ecuador’s Cuenca Biennial. The quality was uneven, which is to be expected when you’re relying on galleries to provide the work, but it amounted to a fairly impressive display, with strong pieces by Neïl Beloufa, Django Hernández, and Fred Sandback (even if it was awkwardly tucked away in a corner.) Below, a few highlights.