One Dead In Seattle University Campus Shooting

A man has died and another three people have been injured after a shooting at a university campus in Seattle.

The incident happened at Seattle Pacific University in Washington state and a suspect is in custody.

Police in the city said the lone gunman, who opened fire with a shotgun, was pepper-sprayed by a student security guard and disarmed as he was reloading.

HarbourviewMedical Centre spokeswoman Susan Gregg said a man in his 20s has died and a woman also in her 20s is in surgery with critical injuries.

She added a 24-year-old man and a 22-year-old man are in a satisfactory condition.

It is not known if the suspected gunman is wounded.

One student told a local television channel,KIRO 7 TV, that he heard a loud bang from a nearby classroom which his teacher initially thought was a science experiment.

The student, identified as Blake, said someone went out and came back and said: “I think someone’s been shot.”

“I was scared for about a minute,” he said, adding he heard shouting and someone running past the door.

Then “cops come in through another classroom which was connected to ours and they escorted us out”.

He added: “I just saw piles of blood on the ground, just scattered throughout the lobby.

“And I actually stepped in a puddle… I saw someone was on the ground. Someone was on top of them, their hands behind their head.”

The university said on its website: “Our heartfelt prayers are with our entire community. All evening classes are cancelled.”

Around 4,000 students attend the Christian university, which is about 10 minutes from downtown Seattle.

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