One of the best views of the 2015 solar eclipse will actually be from space by astonauts in the International Space Station

One of the best views of the solar eclipse will actually be from space
The International Space Station will witness the eclipse in a very unique way (Picture: NASA/Rex)

The only point on earth you will be able to see next week’s eclipse that isn’t in the middle of an ocean will be from the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic ocean unfortunately.

However even if you manage to stowaway on a fishing ship and make your way to the Danish-governed islands you still wont be getting the very best view of the cosmic phenomenon.

That pleasure will be enjoyed by astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS).

The ISS is reportedly going to in the perfect position at 8:45 on Friday morning to observe the solar eclipse from its unique vantage point in space.

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But rather than see the eclipse the way we will from below, Brendan Owens, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, says the astronauts manning the station will instead witness an eerie shadow move across the face of the earth created by the moon.

The astronauts manning the ISS are known for their love of tweeting images of the incredible things they observe while on board, so hopefully we will get some sweet pictures of the rare cosmic event as it happens.

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