Paraglider stuntman Derek Dutton films his amazing speedwing swoop on beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Derek Dutton’s living the dream – if the dream involves the risk of killing yourself in a high-speed paragliding accident.

The 25-year-old adrenalin junkie lives on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and loves nothing better than to swoop from the clifftops with his 27ft speedwing.

Dutton’s most recent YouTube posting is 1min 10sec long, but the action doesn’t really start until 20 seconds from the end.

Still hundreds of feet off the ground, Dutton corkscrews his paraglider until it is hurtling toward the beach below – he goes from the top of the cliff to a crab’s-eye view of the beach in under eight seconds.

Paraglider films swoop on beach (so you don't have to do it)
Derek Dutton, 25, shows off his impressive aerial achievements on Twitter (Picture: Derek Dutton/Twitter)

On his Twitter page, Dutton says he has 4,000 parachute jumps, 100 base jumps, and hits the cliffs of Oahu (metaphorically) with his speedwing daily.

Here’s another clip of him giving some apartment owners a cardiac arrest.

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