‘Perfect’ pit bull stands by a sign summing up his sad life story

A pit bull who was abandoned because of his disabilities has melted hearts – by posing with a sign detailing his tragic story.

The dog, now known as Captain Morgan, was separated from his mother and siblings after being born with a half-formed right ear and left eye.

His original owner left him at a high kill shelter despite warnings from employees that he would probably be put down as there was no room for him.

Pit bull rejected for being deformed poses with a sign in Facebook post that will make you weep
(Picture: Nicole Horabik)

Luckily Nicole Horabik of North Carolina’s Cause For Paws saw a link to an adoption ad on Facebook and knew she had to do something for the little fella.

After taking in the eight-week-old pit bull and naming him, she put out a post of her own – showing Captain Morgan with a sign explaining his back story.

The sign reads: ‘I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect. Share if you think I am perfect!’

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nicole horabik
(Picture: Nicole Horabik)

Now she’s hoping someone else will want to welcome Captain into their home.

She said: ‘What people need to take away is that imperfection is perfection. Not all dogs are perfect in your eyes, but they can be amazing dogs.’

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nicole harobik
(Picture: Nicole Horabik)

Captain Morgan gets along perfectly well with Horabik’s two German Shepherds, who have disabilities.

Horabik added: ‘One of my German shepherds is completely blind and my other dog is an amputee — he only has three legs. And they are perfect in every way possible.’

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16 November 2015 | 10:33 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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