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These personal sensor devices offer continuous real-time monitoring of environmental data to help you make decisions that keep you safe and healthy.

The trend of wearable technology is allowing us to leverage the power of mobile computing to enhance our daily lives, and to get a lot more information about our local environment than ever before, and it’s not all about Google Glass, smart watches, and FitBit, either. By taking advantage of the decreasing size of electronic components and the increased ability to connect to smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as cloud services, new gadgets, such as this customizable environmental sensor, can help us to live healthier and more productive lives.

We’ve previously covered a number of other environmental sensors that can be used to measure and track changes and trends in our environment, but Sensblok appears to be the next generation of mobile sensor technology, allowing individuals to keep an eye on environmental conditions, while also contributing to the citizen science movement.

Sensblok, from Sensaris, is being billed as the “first smart weather, air quality, and UV tracker you take everywhere,” which can be used as a real-time environmental watchdog, alerting its users of unhealthy conditions right where they are. City-wide sensors can keep people abreast of air quality and UV levels over larger areas, but for hyperlocal data, Sensblok offers the ability to gather and track data on temperature, humidity, air quality, UV index, EMF levels, and barometric pressure, all in a package small enough to go just about anywhere.

The Sensblok platform is modular, which allows users to swap out sensor modules to measure the variables most important to them, including lightning detection, noise levels, EMF levels, and more. The devices connect to both Android and iPhones using dual mode Bluetooth, and display the monitoring data to the user in real-time, as well as giving users the ability to share their data or to access public data from other users. The data is presented using a free mobile app, MobiSense, which can stream, archive, or upload the user’s data, as well as geotag it with GPS coordinates for precise location information.

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Sensbloks can be put to work helping users avoid high levels of UV exposure and sunburns, to understand and mitigate high levels of air pollution at home and in the car, to sense the presence of solvents in the air (in order to help keep children and other sensitive individuals away from the area), and because users can set personal thresholds for alerts, the devices can serve as personal caretakers that can enable better decision making.

Currently, Sensblok is in a crowdfunding phase with a campaign on Indiegogo, which seeks to raise €30,000 to finalize the hardware design and get it into production. Backers can get access to the first of the devices, as well as get stl files for the outer case design, so they can customize their own device with 3D printing.

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