Pet cat Milo wakes up from neutering, realises its testicles are gone, screams

Cat wakes up from neutering, realises its testicles are gone, screams
The moment Milo comes round from his op (Picture: SWNS)

Milo, we feel your pain, brother.

These two perfectly-timed pictures have prompted men around the world to cross their legs and wince.

It shows the moment he wakes up from an operation and realises he’s been given the snip.

The six-month-old then screams in horror:

This is one of the hilarious pictures of a cat coming round from an operation ñ and realising he has been given the snip.  See SWNS story SWCAT; Milo, the six-month-old cat, was taken for the routine procedure last Sunday morning. Coming round from the anaesthetic, he was sat up on his ownerís bed and checking where his ëbitsí had gone. Realising what had happened, Milo looks directly at the camera before letting out an almighty screech.

Owner John Reed caught Milo’s bemusement after getting him home in Frizington, Cumbria, from a local vets.

The 58-year-old said: ‘It was priceless. He took about a good hour or so coming around.

‘He looked down and realised they were missing and let out this almighty screech. He carried on looking down and staring for ages.

‘I just chuckled. We’ve had a good laugh at the pictures since. The second one is amazing.’

A vigil for the loss of Milo’s gentlemen will be held tomorrow.

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