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What is the smell of Peter Andre?

Thu, 02/10/2014 – 15:15 by Georgina Terry

Hey everybody! Peter Andre has launched a smell. By our reckoning it’s his third smell in a year (the others being Forever and Forever Young) and it’s called, kind of bafflingly, Scarlet. Yep, one t. We’re sure Peter will enlight us as to why though. We’ll tweet him and report back. And, frankly, does it matter too much what it’s called when this throbbing image of pure hot sex is the ad?

No, it does not matter one jot. 

According to the Perfume Shop, Scarlet is:

A sophisticated fragrance that radiates a sensual allure.

So bang up Holy Moly’s alley, then.

Yeah, that’s it. 

Peter Andre.

Take a look at Peter Andre’s beer moustache
If you want Peter Andre he’ll be outside Dorothy Perkins.
Peter Andre believes his daughter could invent time travel

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