Peter Lynagh says no to sex for 12 months and raises £50,000 for charity, Free to Shine which educated young girls in Cambodia

Man says no to sex for 12 months and raises £50k for charity
He has raised more than £50,000 to help young girls from Cambodia get educated and avoid the sex trade (Picture: Peter Lynagh)

This feat makes Josh Hartnett’s trials and tribulations in the 2002 film ’40 Days and 40 Nights’ seem rather small fry.

Peter Lynagh decided to deal with unhappiness with his party-loving lifestyle with the extreme move of not partaking in any sex for an entire year.

The Melbourne resident’s campaign of abstinence entitled ‘Pete’s Chastity for Charity’ was raising money for the Australian NGO, Free to Shine.

This charity’s aim is to educate young Cambodian girls and help them avoid the sex trade.

There were rules for the 33-year-old Aussie, such as he could not sleep with anyone but kissing was acceptable.

(Picture: Peter Lynagh)
The feat must have hurt for this Olly Mur’s lookalike (Picture: Peter Lynagh)

His 12 months dry spell in the bedroom began on January 1 2013 but he did admit to nearly breaking his deal in the first few months.

Mr Lynagh did confess that it was the woman who stopped it from going any further.

During this year, Lynagh visited Cambodia to see the charity at work.

‘Once I’d seen what was happening, it was really humbling,’ he said.

But asked if he would ever take on the feat for a second time, he responded: ‘I don’t think I would do no sex again for a year, I would like to something else crazy and out there and different.’

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