PetPal: Now you can feed your pet via Wi-Fi while you’re on holiday (or in bed)

Now you can feed your pet via Wi-Fi
Powers hopes to sell the dispenser in the near future (Picture: PetPal Feeder/YouTube)

An entrepreneur has found a solution to the problem of making sure your pet is fed while you’re away.

The PetPal, designed by California engineer Ken Powers, is an automatic food dispenser allows owners to provide meals for their animals via an app or programme it manually to dispense food at certain times of the day.

It also allows you to take videos and pictures of your animals and talk to them via a built-in microphone and speaker.

(Picture: PetPal Feeder/YouTube)
Powers wanted to feed his cats when he was away (Picture: PetPal Feeder/YouTube)

Powers had the idea when he struggled to find someone who could come to his house and feed his cats when he was on holiday.

‘I wanted to be able to interact with the cats while I was on vacation,’ he said.

(Picture: PetPal Feeder/YouTube)
The feeder is remotely accessible (Picture: PetPal Feeder/YouTube)

The automatic feeder can feed animals up to five times a day manually, or can be remotely accessed via the app.

‘The PetPal feeder easily connets to your Wi-Fi network, and you connect to your PetPal via an Android or iOS app,’ he explained.

The feeder is not yet available for purchase.

A recent campaign on crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter failed to secure the necessary funding, but Powers is hopeful of raising enough cash to put the invention into manufacture.

Power estimates that it will cost $365 (£217) but will eventually go down to $299 (£178).

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