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1,100 lumens with 13 watts

Philips figured out that if you don’t try to pack a bunch of heat-sensitive LEDs too close together, you can get sufficient heat dissipation without needing a heavy and costly metal heatsink. This insight led to the creation of the innovative SlimStyle flat LED bulb, the 60W-equivalent version of which we reviewed previously. The original pancake LED was great, but it wasn’t quite bright enough for all applications (it produced 800 lumens using 10.5W, for an efficiency of 76.2 lumens per watt), so many were anxiously waiting for more powerful version to hit the market.

That time is now.

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The Philips SlimStyle 75W-equivalent produces 1,100 lumens using 13W, for an efficiency of 84.6 lumens per watt (they improved it since the previous version!). As you can see in the photo at the top of this post, it is bigger than the 800 lumens version, but in other ways the design is identical.

The LED bulb’s life is rated at 25,000 hours, and average cost to use it per year is $1.57 at the average US electricity rates (11cents/kWh).

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Also good: The new 75W SlimStyle LED bulb has already been certified by Energy Star.

I just received my first 75W unit today, so I can’t review it yet, but I expect it to perform very similarly to the 60W version that I reviewed here.

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“With SlimStyle, we set out to give consumers a great quality, affordable bulb and, to date, it has been the best-selling LED offering in the Philips consumer lighting portfolio, proving that customers appreciate its innovative design and reasonable price,” said Bruno Biasiotta, president and CEO of Philips Lighting, Americas. “With the addition of a 75-watt equivalent, that has earned an ENERGY STAR rating, we continue to give consumers quality lighting options that are proven, affordable and will continue to save them money for years to come.”

The 75W-equivalent Slimstyle LEDs should be available now on and in stores later this month. Prices should be about $13 without rebates, and about $8 with them (this might vary depending on where you are).

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