Pig heart transplants for humans ‘a step closer’

Pig heart transplants for humans 'a step closer'
Anne Higgs has been waiting for four years for a new heart and would accept a pig’s heart transplant (Picture: Sky News)

Waiting for a human heart transplant can be a deadly game, with around 1,000 people dying every year of complications before finding a compatible replacement.

But heart transplants from genetically modified animals are getting closer to being a reality, according to leading scientists.

In a controversial experiment by the United States National medical research agency, they have successfully kept a pig’s heart beating inside the abdomen of a baboon for 600 days.

Professor Chris Mason of University College London explained to Sky News the importance of this breakthrough, saying: ‘We are talking 10,15 or more years away.’

heart.jpg Anne Higgs says she would accept a pig's heart Frame grab from Sky TV by Richard Taylor
This pig heart was successfully kept alive in the abdomen of a baboon for 600 days (Picture: Sky News)

Anne Higgs, who has been on the waiting list for four years at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, has said she has no issues with taking a pig’s heart.

The heart attack victim said: ‘It’s another grasp at life.’

‘Yes I would have it, I would run all the way to the Freeman with that little heart.’

18 May 2014 | 2:11 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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