Pinterest better than Twitter, Google for hiring female workers

Men outnumber women in the workplace at Twitter, Google and Pinterest

Pinterest has followed the lead of others in the industry and released a diversity transparency report. It found that Pinterest has a gender balance that is split 60/40 in favour of men, which is better than competing firms.

Twitter and Google, for example, have a 70/30 male to female split across their whole businesses, and they both share a high concentration of white men.

Pinterest’s Tracy Chou, software engineer and tech lead, said the firm has sought to hire and encourage a more representative staff and that these efforts are paying off.

“Last October, I posed the question: ‘Where are the numbers?’. It was a call to action for the tech industry to share metrics on diversity in the workplace. Without measurement and transparency, it’s impossible to have honest conversations about making tech more inclusive,” she wrote.

“As we look ahead, we’ve put particular focus on inclusion efforts in hiring earlier in the engineering pipeline, recruiting a 29 percent female inaugural engineering intern class last year and 32 percent female this year. Beyond hiring, we’re mindful of processes and practices that may affect success and retention of employees coming from less represented backgrounds.”

The same discrepancies are felt across the board, though. As at Google and Twitter, women are poorly represented in technology roles. At Pinterest 21 percent of tech workers are female, while at Twitter the number is under half that at around 10 percent.

Pinterest lists its ethnicity ratio as 50 percent Caucasian, 42 percent Asian, two percent Hispanic, one percent black and two percent ‘other’.

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