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Fighting for more walking, biking, and transit

As much as we wish that certain things which obviously make sense would happen all on their own, things don’t always work that way, and it’s often the case that leadership is the necessary ingredient for things to get going. This is on display in Pittsburgh, a city that has recently elected Bill Peduto as mayor. In his short time in office (less than a year), the very pro-walking, pro-biking, and pro-transit mayor has made more progress than his predecessors have in years. His approach to urban renewal and complete streets (ie. accessible to all kinds of people and not just drivers) is obviously working, as Pittsburgh has started attracting more new residents than it is losing for the first time in decades.

To learn how to transform his city, the mayor along with some advisors went to Copenhagen to learn from the very best. His goal is now to leapfrog other cities and copenhagenize his city, so to speak.

SF/Screen capture

All this seems to be working, because the latest ranking of US cities by the League of American Bicyclists now ranks Pittsburgh 11th, compared to 22nd last year. They estimate the number of bike commuters to have grown over 400% since 2000, the fastest rate of improvement of any city covered by the league. Talk about rapid improvement! Hopefully they’re just getting started… See for yourself:

Many thanks to our friend Clarence Eckerson Jr. from Streetfilms for this short film!

SF/Screen capture

Via Streetfilms

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22 September 2014 | 7:25 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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