Playful dolphins swim along with Dutch kitesurfer off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa

A kitesurfer had some unexpected company as he cruised through the waters off South Africa, when a playful pod of dolphins came along for the ride.

Waldemar Vroegop, 22, filmed the incredible footage on the GoPro camera he had brought to film a fellow surfer, but was stunned when dolphins started following him.

Watch: Playful dolphins swim along with kitesurfer
Waldemar was stunned when he realised the dolphins were swimming either side of him (Picture: BarcroftTV/YouTube)

The friendly sea creatures swam with Waldemar and his friend for more than an hour as they surfed between Sunset Beach and Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town before swimming away.

Dolphins usually avoid kitesurfers, but it seems this group were just particularly playful.

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