Police Brutality YouTube video: Investigation into California Highway Patrol officer filmed punching woman in head

A shocking video showing a police officer violently punching a women while she lies on the ground has sparked an investigation after being posted online.

The footage shows the officer chase the woman onto the central reservation of a busy road, before forcing her to the ground.

After a few seconds he begins landing several blows to her head and an off-duty officer runs in to help restrain the woman.

The people filming the incident are heard uttering ‘oh my gosh’ while witnessing the horrific scene.

Probe over officer filmed punching woman in head
The officer grapples with the woman (Picture: Youtube)

California Highway Patrol said the woman was resisting arrest, releasing a statement to KABC-TV which said: ‘A physical altercation ensued as the pedestrian continued to resist arrest, at which point a plain clothes, off-duty officer assisted in applying the handcuffs.’

(Picture: Youtube)
(Picture: Youtube)

David Diaz, who filmed the arrest on the La Brea exit of Interstate-90, said: ‘There was no weapon, it’s obviously excess force at this point. He could have easily calmed her down.’

(Picture: Youtube)
A plain clothes officer holds the woman’s head (Picture: Youtube)

‘You can use strength without punching,’ he added.

The California Highway Patrol said as a procedure they will be investigating into whether the level of force used was necessary.

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Source: metro.co.uk

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