Police helicopter hunts man in gown suspected of being escaped mental patient in Kingston-on-Thames, south west London

Police helicopter hunts down man in gown mistaken as mental patient
A police helicopter was scrambled to hunt the man in the hospital gown (Picture: Getty Images)

An unsuspecting man in a gown was hunted by a police helicopter unit because they thought he was an escaped mental patient.

It turned out the man in Kingston-on-Thames, south west London, had just been discharged from hospital after crashing his bike.

He had been allowed to leave with a medical gown because his clothes were badly torn.

The unfortunate man was pushing his bike home when a member of the public mistook him for an escaped psychiatric patient and called police.

The helicopter unit was so intent on finding him, they even announced the hunt on Twitter, saying: ‘Searching for a male in a hospital gown in Kingston, believed to have absconded from hospital.’

Police realised their mistake when they caught up with him on the ground after 45 minutes.

‘The male had been discharged from hospital after falling off his bike, and was allowed to keep the gown,’ a spokesman said.

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19 August 2014 | 7:10 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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