Police in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, look after a bear cub overnight after it was handed in by a teenage boy who found it in the bushes outside his house without its mother

Bear cub handed to Oregon police
The cub charms a police officer (Picture: AP/KPIC-TV)

The suspect arrived at the police station in a plastic bin. She wasn’t drunk.

A teenage boy found the female cub whimpering in the bushes outside his house in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. With the mother no where to be seen, he put the bear in a plastic storage bin and turned her over to police.

Police Chief Don Brown said the bear was ‘very well-behaved’ during her overnight visit, but warned that the mother may not have been so cute had she witnessed the teen binning her baby.

Black bears can weigh up to 135 kgs, and will usually attack if they believe their young are threatened. It’s best to never approach a cub – no matter how adorable.

Police looked for the mother using a device that mimics a cub’s distress call, but couldn’t locate her.

Tim Walters, of The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, said that the cub will likely be sent to a zoo.

23 May 2014 | 12:38 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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