Police Officer Fired For Secretly Filming Chief Have Sex In Ambulance

Police Sergeant Joshua Terrell, of the Jal, New Mexico Police Department, has been fired for secretly filming Police Chief Larry Burns having sex in an ambulance on city property.

According to KRQE of New Mexico, Terrell set up a video camera in an attempt to expose the chief for his inappropriate rendezvous. Larry Burns was subsequently caught on tape, on two different occasions, having sex in the back of the emergency response vehicle.


The chief was given a two-week unpaid suspension for his exploits.

City Manager Bob Gallagher led an investigation into Terrell’s role in the bizarre incident and concluded that the Whistleblower had it in for the chief.

Gallagher says that Terrell had made it known publicly that he didn’t like Burns and stated that he wanted to sabotage his bosses current run for magistrate judge.

Gallagher also stated that Terrell violated eight different policies including using a key to get into the ambulance barn when he didn’t belong there and that he would not be protected as a whistleblower because he released the video into the public sector.

When local news correspondents asked Gallagher why Chief Burns wasn’t fired, the city manger stated that what the chief did was not criminal.

2 June 2014 | 8:54 pm – Source: livefreelivenatural.com

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