Police Shoot and Kill Man on California Beach ‘Armed With Scissors and Wooden Stick’, Family Suing

Cassius Methyl | Live Free Live Natural

A strange incident occurred in South Los Angeles several weeks ago, and like the other police shootings that have recently occurred, there appears to be more and more backlash from the public, families, and a wide variety of people disgusted by the police’s willingness to shoot and kill disobedient, peaceful Americans.

This time, the family of the victim shot by the LAPD in Long Beach are filing a lawsuit against the city.

The lawsuit alleges that the police “unjustly used excessive force” against Jason Conoscenti, and that he posed “no imminent threat of death or serious physical injury” to police or people around him.

The man was shot for running from the LAPD from Compton to Long Beach, and the police claim he was armed throughout the situation with such things as ‘scissors’, and a ‘wooden stick’.

The events leading up to the death of Jason Conoscenti, 36 years old,  started with some sort of vague confrontation he allegedly had with security guards in Compton, at the Target store on South Alameda St.

Supposedly, when police arrived, he brandished his weapon –’scissors’– at police, and ran away in a car.

It doesn’t even seem like he did anything quite illegal, so perhaps he simply drove away, or ran away so that the LAPD didn’t try to lock him in a cage for a fabricated or exaggerated reason.

So the cops followed him in his car all the way to East Ocean Blvd in Long Beach, where they shot him .

His shooting was captured by bystanders on video, and an onlooker is captured saying ‘he’s going to bleed to death’. Here is the video (graphic):

He died very shortly after at a hospital.

Police claim he was brandishing a ‘wooden stick’, a ‘weapon’.

Also, police claim they thought he was a man who got into a gunfight with them previously.

Well, big mistake, you ended a man’s life. It’s highly immoral for citizens to face the consequences of your alleged incompetence, especially when that means death.

This isn’t even the first time police claimed a person was some sort of raging menace for having ‘scissors’, it’s apparently typical now for police to use any object that could potentially injure someone as an excuse to use lethal force.

Really, do you think that scissors or a stick are threatening enough to kill, or really all that threatening at all, when you have an arsenal of mace, stun guns, and an army of other officers to assist you? Who is going to really believe you?

Maybe this man was a little bit crazy, maybe not, but it sounds like the worst thing he did was get in a verbal confrontation with a Compton security guard, maybe physically push him or something. It must have been very mild because it wasn’t even specified in the official story.

Where’s the security camera video of him having a ‘confrontation’ with the Compton security guard?

Where’s any other video that could illustrate what truly happened here?

All we know is, police very frequently truly do not care if they shoot and murder people if they are simply disobedient.

To defend oneself from being locked in a cage by the notoriously immoral US government, is self defense. This is not even offensive self defense, it is simply trying to remain free, and people are being killed almost every day by police now for ‘running’, or ‘reaching for his waistband’

Yeah, seriously the cops also said he ‘reached for his waistband’.

What, so he had extremely threatening scissors, a scary wooden stick, and he reached for his waistband? Where’s the video, LAPD?

The same LAPD who had half of a division of police that covered South Los Angeles with squad cars crudely modified to not audio record or video record their actions for accountability, just like a gang. Maybe it’s even the same division that did that.

Please share this with as many people as possible, and absolutely anyone who trusts the police, or is unaware of the nearly daily murders committed by American police.

Do that, and we will stop this, peacefully.

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5 June 2014 | 1:15 am – Source: livefreelivenatural.com

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