Policeman Bernie Mettler helps moose that wondered into Aurora, Minnesota and fell asleep on the street

Moose falls asleep on road
The moose grew so tired that it decided to take a nap (Picture: St. Louis County Sheriff’s Dept)

Meanwhile, in Minnesota…

Sgt. Bernie Mettler was called to the town of Aurora after residents reported a moose roaming the streets.

It had wondered in from a nearby wood, and at one point grew so exhausted that it sat itself down and appeared to fall asleep.

t052114 --- contributed photo --- MOOSE0522c2 ---  There was a moose loose in Aurora Monday that, for some reason, decided to lay down and take a nap in the middle of a street. St. Louis County Deputy Bernie Metler then helped the moose up and herded it out of town. St. Louis County Sheriff photo
Sgt Bernie Mettler managed to help the moose up (Picture: St. Louis County Sheriff’s Dept)

‘I have a hunch the moose got chased into town by the wolves,’ Mettler told Twin Cities. ‘He looked very tired. But I gave him a little help and then he got back up.’

Mettler managed to rouse the moose, herd it back into the woods, and finish the day with a unique story to tell.

The moose returned to its wolf-infested habitat, to fight another day.

23 May 2014 | 4:37 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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