Poltergeist under couple’s bed turns out to be meth addict

Poltergeist under couple's bed turns out to be meth addict
Before meth rampage; after meth rampage (Picture: Bridget O’Neill/Brian O’Neill)

A Seattle couple are still reeling after finding their house trashed and something unusual under their bed.

Bridget and Brian O’Neill called police when they heard strange noises and scratching coming from under their bed after arriving home and finding it ransacked.

But police didn’t find an animal or a ‘poltergeist’ – as they would later joke on their crime blotter – but a wild-eyed, emaciated woman, who had hidden for two hours in the foot-long gap under the bed.

‘When I saw that it was a woman, my reality suddenly kind of shifted,’ Mr O’Neill told Vocativ.

‘My wife pretty much collapsed on the stairwell.’

Poltergeist Under Couple's Bed Turns Out to Be Meth Head Photos ? Bridget and Brian O'Neill
A knife, a lock of hair and a needle were later found in the house (Picture: Bridget O’Neill/Brian O’Neill)

The couple called police first when they returned home on Wednesday night to find their post ripped open, paint in the toilet and – bizarrely – the soles of 20 pairs of shoes and boots ripped off and scattered. No evidence of theft was found.

They only called police again when they heard the noises.

The woman, who was 5ft 7in but weighed a mere 41kg, told police she had been on a ‘meth rampage’ for several days.

Mr and Mrs O’Neill later found a needle in their sheets and a kitchen knife under the bed.

‘Honestly, I feel kind of bad for her,’ said Mrs O’Neill. ‘This woman was so tiny and not together, it’s hard to be mad.’

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