Pregnant mother of five who fed newborn instant soup ‘must have contraceptive injection’

Pregnant mum of five who fed newborn instant soup 'must have contraceptive injection'
The woman, known only as ‘DD’ to the court, has learning difficulties and an extreme phobia of hospitals

A pregnant mother-of-five who fed her newborn on powdered soup is to be given a contraceptive injection to stop her having more children.

The Court of Protection heard that the 36-year-old, known only as ‘DD’, has learning difficulties, autism and an extreme phobia of hospitals, leading her to deliver one of her babies with barbecue tongs.

In an unprecedented ruling earlier this month, the woman was told she must have a caesarean as health officials feared she would die during childbirth.

And yesterday, Mr Justice Cobb agreed that the contraceptive injection was also ‘likely to be in DD’s best interests’.

His ruling means mental health workers could force their way into the woman’s home to administer the jab, which typically protects against pregnancy for between eight to 12 weeks.

But the judge said staff ‘must take all necessary and practicable steps to engage with DD and obtain her cooperation’.

The woman, whose children are all in care, secretly delivered her third baby at the home she shares with her boyfriend, who also has learning difficulties.

Social workers who visited soon after said she had been feeding the baby on powdered soup, and it had marks on its head caused by tongs.

Campaigner Rebecca Schiller, of Birthrights, said enforcing the pill jab could be justified in extreme circumstances. But she added: ‘Taking away the ability to have a child is truly draconian.’

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