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Canadian property managers just don’t get bikes. Last year Cadillac Fairview decided bikes are unprofessional; Now Brookfield Office Properties turns out to be a bike thief.

After a meeting in Toronto’s Hudson Bay Centre, Lisa Ferguson came out to find her bike was missing from the pole where she locked it on public property outside the building. She noticed that there was a security camera on the wall so she went to talk to a security guard. She writes on Facebook:

So I approached a security guard standing outside the Centre and explained my situation. “Yeah, I cut some bikes in the last hour and a half,” he said. “That’s private property,” he said, and told me that the building owner — Brookfield Office Properties — orders their security staff to remove bikes from the pole. Since when is the SIDEWALK private property? I told him he needed to give me my bike back right now or I’d call the police to report a bike theft. While waiting in the lobby for my bike, the security guard on duty there commiserated with me, saying, “Yeah, we get several angry cyclists in here a day.”

Hudson’s Bay Centre, Google Street View/Screen capture

This is really silly. The bike was locked to City property well away from the building and it’s not like a bike is going to make the place any uglier, If Cameron Sinclair ever offers a DEAD Prize 25 year award this building should get it, it is one of the ugliest in Toronto.

Lisa wonders, ” I mean, who would guess that a company worth $18.7 billion steals bikes from low-income people? What does this $18.7 billion company do with all the bikes they steal — do they actually sell them? “

She got her bike back, and now wants her lock replaced. Brookfield Place in New York was home to the Occupy Wall Street movement; perhaps cyclists should occupy the sidewalk at the Hudson’s Bay Centre until they give everyone their bikes back and they change this policy.

Read more at Lisa Ferguson’s Facebook page.

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