Professor’s 70ft Crevasse Plunge Escape Filmed

An American professor has filmed his incredible escape after falling 70ft (21m) down a Himalayan mountain crevasse while collecting snow samples.

Dr John All was researching climate change on the 23,379ft Mount Himlung, close to Mount Everest in Nepal, when he fell into a deep crevasse hidden by snow.

His body ricocheted between the walls of the ravine as he plunged to certain death.

But incredibly, he landed on a precarious ice ridge more than 300ft from the bottom.

The 44-year-old broke an arm, ribs and suffered severe cuts and bruises in the fall.

He recorded the scene on his mobile phone as he worked out how to get out of the crevasse.

He then spent the next six hours in agony, crawling inch by inch with his ice axe, knowing one slip and he would fall to his death.

Eventually, Dr All, a geology lecturer from West Kentucky University, managed to climb out out of the crevasse, and a few hours later reached his tent.

Rescuers arrived the next morning and airlifted him to a hospital in Kathmandu.

“My body was shattered and I was in agony,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“My face hit one wall, my back and stomach hit the back wall and I bounced between them. My face was pretty torn up. I landed on a piece of ice at a midpoint.

“I could have fallen another 100 metres and it’s amazing I didn’t. The entire time climbing out I knew if I slipped I would have been dead.”

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