PS Vita back from the dead with new Japan refresh (Wired UK)


This could be the new PS Vita. It’ll hopefully look better than these concepts in the finished version.


Sony appears to have plans for a third iteration of its PS Vita handheld, with the Japanese arm of the company having filed for trademark on a redesigned model.

The new version appears largely similar to the existing model, the 2000 series. The biggest change is what looks to be the addition of an HDMI port on the left hand side of the device.

This revised Vita was first spotted on automated Twitter feed @trademark_bot, which publishes all applications for Japanese trademarks. Other minor changes appear to be the absence of the power and volume buttons, which sit along the top of the current model.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a return of the original PS Vita’s OLED screen, the application describing it as a “portable LCD screen game machine”. However, the LED screen in the 2000 is almost on par, and with two years of advancement in the technology the new version could potentially match it.

If the new Vita does indeed have HDMI out, it would appear to render the Vita TV redundant. The microconsole is designed to stream content from Vita or PS4, but if the Vita itself can be connected to a TV, that’s less of a selling point. That the Vita can utilise the Remote Play feature and stream content itself from PS4 also speaks in its favour. If physical PS4 controllers could be synced to the revamped handheld then it would be another big step in its favour, as the continued lack of L2 and R2 shoulder buttons remains a problem in accurately mapping home console games to the portable.

We are slightly cautious of the new Vita’s discovery prior to Sony making a formal announcement — the trademark application was made in Japan on 1 April. Japanese companies don’t tend to do April Fools though, nor does Japanese society in general, so there’s a strong chance this is legitimate.

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