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Bike-sharing programs have been all the rage in recent years. The Vélib’ program in Paris was by many accounts the program that got the massive trend rolling. Now, it has started P’tit Vélib’, a bike-sharing program for the kiddies.

To start things off, the bikes will be available in 5 locations around the city. More will roll out by the end of summer. Various kid-bike sizes will be available, including bikes with training wheels.

I’m not aware of any other bike-sharing program that provides bikes for kids, and neither is the Paris city government, apparently. So P’tit Vélib’ will be the test case, and also the trendsetter if the idea catches on.

The P’tit Vélib’ bike-sharing stations, to start at least, will be located near parks or at least bike paths. Bike helmets are offered with all of the bikes.

© Velib’, City of Paris

Four different kids bikes are available in P’tit Vélib’, for ages 2 through 8. The aim of the program isn’t simply to enable another form of recreation. It is to inspire new generations to be green. “Because good habits start early, la Mairie de Paris and Parisians wish to familiarize the young in the use of more environmentally friendly transport means at the youngest age,” the Vélib’ site states.

© Velib’, City of Paris

I’m very excited to see the stats on the program after it has been in place for few months, and see its growth after that. I imagine this program will be very popular. Vélib’ itself is the third-largest bike-sharing program in the world, only trailing the bike-sharing programs in Wuhan and Hangzhou. There must be many parents of young kids there who are Vélib’ members and would love to take their kids out for a bike ride around a beautiful city park.

Any guesses on how long it will be until another bike-sharing program for kids pops up?

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