Pupils to study Gove’s self-published novels

'And the brave knight's sword did cleft the union leader in twain'

Has additionally carried out a few erotic thrillers

Gove stated dropping trendy classics like To Kill a Mockingbird meant there was now room on the curriculum for the 200 or so books he has revealed on Kindle, of which eleven copies have been bought for 49p.

“Teenage boys will love my Horatio Hove novels, a few dashing cavalry officer within the Crimean struggle who has a scorching affair with Lilly Langtry despite the fact that he seems like a glove puppet frog.

“I researched it by watching Sharpe’s Rifles and Master and Commander, so it’s one hundred per cent traditionally correct. The greatest bit is the place Horatio sinks all Napoleon’s plane carriers.

“Schools may also be required to buy a number of copies of my fantasy epic Lord of the Thrones.

“Kids will like it as a result of it’s filled with fantastic, imaginative concepts like magic swords, quests and speaking dragons, and the reader will get a pleasant break from the intense bits thanks to a dwarf who will get into humorous conditions.

“I’ve even accomplished a guide for women, Hattie the Happy Housewife.”

Teacher Tom Logan stated: “I learn certainly one of Gove’s thrillers, Day of the Cultural Marxists, however I discovered the story a few group of terrorist academics making an attempt to assassinate David Cameron a bit farfetched.

“Most academics get confused by a Banda machine, so I doubt they’d have the ability to steal RAF Tornadoes and assault 10:01 am – Source: thedailymash.co.uk

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