Pure Storage adds mission-critical features in all-flash array expansion

Pure Storage FlashArray 400 storage array

All-flash storage firm Pure Storage has expanded its line-up with new entry-level and high capacity array options, plus a new version of its software platform that adds support for mission-critical enterprise features such as disaster recovery and snapshots.

Set to be available from June, the entry-level FlashArray FA-405 and the high-capacity FA-450 arrays complement the existing FlashArray 400 line introduced about a year ago.

Also available from June, the Purity 4.0 operating environment adds new capabilities dubbed FlashRecover and FlashProtect to support the most demanding mission-critical applications even in highly regulated industries, the firm said.

Pure has been expanding rapidly owing to enterprise demand for its all-flash arrays, according to the firm’s EMEA vice president, Steven Rose.

“The company grew 700 percent year on year last year, and we’re doing about 50 percent sequential quarterly growth this year, which is an usually aggressive ramp, and this is partly driven by new product releases such as these,” he told V3.

The FlashArray FA-405 is a 1U-high controller capable of scaling up to 40TB of usable capacity, making it ideal for top-of-rack or entry-level configurations.

At the other end of the scale, the FlashArray FA-450 is the same 2U footprint as existing Pure hardware, but can scale up to 250TB of usable storage, is powered by twin 2.75GHz 12-core Intel Xeon processors and has support for 16Gbps Fibre Channel host connectivity.

Thanks to the non-disruptive upgrade features Pure introduced last year, any of the arrays can be upgraded, right up to the same capabilities as the FlashArray FA-450 as a customer’s requirements increase, without any downtime.

Both of the new arrays will come with the Purity 4.0 software, which now features FlashRecover replication and snapshot technology for data protection.

This is a combined asynchronous snapshot and replication service with a low one minute recovery point objective that runs natively on the Pure hardware. It features policy-based replication with bi-directional replication between sites, and makes use of Purity’s FlashReduce deduplication and compression capability.

This support is vital for continued enterprise expansion, according to the firm, as many large organisations have a requirement for disaster recovery capabilities.

Purity 4.0 also comes with FlashProtect, which provides support for highly secure environments such as in the military or diplomatic services, according to Carl McQuillan, EMEA technical operations director for Pure.

“With this, the array can only be enabled through an encrypted key, so in the event of a need to disable access to the array and render it impossible to extract the data, once the encryption key is removed, it cannot be read,” he said.

Pure customers with existing maintenance contracts will be able to upgrade to Purity 4.0 at no additional cost, the firm said. Pricing for Pure’s FlashArrays starts at $3 to $4 per GB, depending on exact configuration, the firm said.

15 May 2014 | 4:00 pm – Source: v3.co.uk

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